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damage waiver

As part of the CPA model terms of hire, it is your responsibility as the customer to ensure the machines you hire are suitability insured whilst on hire to you, through your own hired in plant insurance. We obtain these details from you, when initially setting up your proforma or credit account.
We understand there may be times when a customer doesn’t have a policy like this in place or the costs of adding this onto current insurance policies far outweigh the benefit – this is where the UPA damage waiver could be beneficial.
Even with the best operator, the safest machine and the most controlled working environment, accidents can happen. By taking out UPA damage waiver on your hire, you can safeguard yourself from the potential of costly repairs or replacement value of the machine if it’s stolen.
UPA damage waiver is not insurance, it is an agreement between yourself and UPA in addition to the CPA model terms of hire, which waivers our right to have the machine returned in the same condition as it was delivered in, for an agreed additional cost.

What's covered?

Any accidental damage costs, repair costs or total loss to your machine (except the exclusions listed below), above £500.00 worth of costs, when using trained operators, who have completed their daily checks on the machine and have stored the machine in a safe location when not in use. You are liable to pay the first £500.00 of any damage, repair or loss costs and UPA will take care of any costs above £500.00.

How much does UPA damage waiver cost?

Damage waiver costs an additional 20% of your machine hire rate only. For example, if your machine hire rate is £100.00 per week, your damage waiver cost would be an additional £20.00 per week.

Is the UPA waiver mandatory?

UPA damage waiver is compulsory for any hirers who cannot provide proof of a suitable insurance policy in place when opening either a proforma or credit account.

The following exclusions apply to UPA damage waiver:

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All other terms and conditions of the CPA model conditions of hire continue to apply to all hires. If you require further information on UPA damage waiver, speak to a member of the team when arranging you hire or contact us.