Machine Technology

Our commitment to renewing our fleet on a five year cycle means that the machines we offer are always fitted with the most up to date technology in the market place. Cost efficiency, health and safety and environmental concerns are all requirements we meet and exceed with the choice of machines we offer. Always high specification and always high quality we will always supply the best powered access equipment to our clients at all times.

Four Wheel Drive

Over half of our fleet is made up of 4 Wheel Drive machines that ensure traction and manoeuvrability over all types of terrain in all types of weather conditions.


Our machines all come with a combination of non-marking, foam filled or solid tyres making them suitable for operation indoors or outdoors.

Non-marking tyres are made of solid compound wrapped in highly durable rubber delivering excellent grip and optimised traction.

Foam filled tyres absorb more bumps and shocks than conventional pneumatic tyres giving the operator a more comfortable experience.

Solid tyres avoid project delays through punctures and subsequent repairs.


This is the combination of two power sources on a machine, allowing the operator to select and switch between them during operation. Having two power sources offers the advantage of increased machine utilisation due to greater flexibility. For example a Diesel/Electric machine can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is zero emission in electric mode.

Hybrid Technology

This power option simultaneously combines the use of battery and engine power automatically optimising power output versus energy usage. The engine size needed to power the machines is reduced compared with an equivalent engine only or Bi-Energy powered machine, thus reducing fuel consumption, pollution and running costs.

SiOPS – Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System

All UPA boom lifts are fitted with SiOPS technology which will prevent sustained involuntary operation of the machine when the operator is crushed between an overhead obstacle and the machines active controls.

The SiOPS control panel is equipped to detect any significant load on the platforms controls or console, if a load is detected the machine will shut down, with the foot pedal and enable button deactivated.

This gives the operator time to consider his position, and then operate an override switch and operate the machine in a safe direction to free himself or move out of danger. If for any reason he is unable to do this himself the machines lower controls can be used by those on the ground to lower the operator to safety.

Toughcage Technology

A key development in product design is ToughCage from Niftylift.

Standard on all UPA booms over 49 feet working height its tough impact resistant composite base and larger cross-section steel cage give extra strength and durability, both protecting the operator and reducing the risk of damage to the cage.

As well as resisting damage the new ToughCage absorbs much of the force of an impact preventing damage to the boom. Should damage occur the rails can be replaced separately for a fast low cost repair.

Trestle System

Approved by Skyjack for use on large double deck scissor lifts and CE certified this twin trestle system is attached inside the platform to allow equipment to rest on the trestles rather than the incorrect practice of resting equipment on the safety handrails. The trestles can be adjusted to work 1.8 metres above the height of the platform.

With equipment suspended easily and safely inside the scissor the potential cost of repairs to handrails can be removed.

Integrated Generators

UPA’s largest double decked scissor lifts are supplied with integrated generators which have the capacity to produce 3.5Kw of power to run power tools from inside the platform from a 110v outlet socket that can be used at any height.

The hydraulically driven generator is linked to the scissors diesel engine and power is available while the engine is running. Eliminating the need for a separate generator saves money and, with no power cables from ground level, this option removes the risk of trailing wires up to the platform.

Lower Cost Transport

Our delivery fleet includes bespoke “low rider plant trailers” pulled by Isuzu D-Max Pickups which, on selected machines, can eliminate the need for costly HGV delivery. This method of transport is quick and ideal for restricted access delivery locations and comes at a lower price to our customers.

All of our delivery fleet is fitted with GPS tracking technology to allow us to constantly manage and optimise our delivery schedules and offer up to the minute delivery and collection times.