Hybrid Lifts

The new generation of powered access lifts are hybrid powered machines allowing the selection of electric only or a combination of Electric/Diesel power during operation. Electric only means the machine is effectively zero emissions and will work quietly and cleanly in any environment. On Hybrid power the electric motor automatically assists the diesel unit to boost overall power which is especially effective when on rough sloping terrain. The combination of power means the machine uses a much smaller diesel engine and which can, depending on machine, reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%. Excess power from the diesel engine, during normal operation, is fed back into the batteries re-charging them up to 40% faster than mains power. With a full re-charge of the batteries taking just 4 hours it means, potentially, the machine can run 24 hours a day using the battery motor to work quietly at night and re-charging on diesel power during the day. An advanced exhaust purification system also reduces the levels of polluting particulate emissions.

Hybrid Boom Lifts

HR12 D/E 4x4

The battery/diesel combo on this hybrid cherry picker extends the range of environments in which it can operate and optimises utilisation


HR17 Hybrid 4x4

Versatile and efficient this machine comes with a host of safety features as well as being environmentally friendly


HR21 Hybrid 4x4

With an articulated boom to manoeuvre up and over obstacles and a light weight compact chassis this machine offers a range of benefits during operation


Fuel Bowsers


Ideally suited for small to medium applications including refuelling small plant and machinery and generators.



Tough and secure these heavy duty steel bunded diesel tanks are some the most robust and safe fuel storage solutions on the market.


Forklift Trucks

M 26-4

Our masted forklift trucks come with 4 wheel drive for stability and manoeuvrability regardless of the working conditions.